Dalhousie, a calm hill station in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, offers a peaceful escape surrounded by nature’s grandeur. Snow-capped mountains, beautiful green valleys, and exquisite colonial-era architecture surround the town. Some of Dalhousie’s major attractions are Khajjiar with its scenic meadows and glittering lake. The Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is a haven for nature lovers, showcasing a diverse range of flora and fauna. Panchpula, a scenic spot known for its gushing waterfalls and refreshing streams, is another must-visit destination. The serene Chamera Lake offers boating and fishing opportunities amidst breathtaking landscapes. Dalhousie also boasts historical landmarks like St. John’s Church and Subhash Baoli, a natural spring known for its medicinal properties. The town’s vibrant markets, such as Gandhi Chowk and Tibetan Handicrafts Centre, offer a chance to indulge in shopping for local handicrafts and souvenirs. Dalhousie has plenty to offer everyone, whether you are looking for natural beauty, cultural exploration, or a calm respite, making it an ideal holiday location.

While visiting Dalhousie another must visit destination is Dainkund, located at an elevation of 2,755 meters, delivers a captivating experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. The “Singing Hill” got its name from the musical sound generated by the wind blowing through the trees. It is Dalhousie’s highest peak.

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Yes, some cottages in Dalhousie offer the option of hiring a private chef or cook to prepare meals for you.

Yes, there are some cottages in Dalhousie that have a swimming pool or jacuzzis or hot tubs for guests to use.

Yes, there are some cottages in Dalhousie that offer camping or glamping options as part of their amenities.

It depends on the specific cottage. Some cottages may allow pets while others may not. You should check with the owner or management of the cottage before booking.

Yes, most cottages in Dalhousie provide parking facilities for their guests.

The cancellation policy varies depending on the specific cottage and booking website. You should always read the cancellation policy before booking.

Yes, many cottages in Dalhousie can accommodate large groups or families. You should check with the Hygge cottage team about the maximum occupancy and bed arrangements before booking.


The distance from the main tourist spots varies depending on the specific location of the cottage. Some cottages may be walking distance from popular tourist spots, while others may require a short drive or taxi ride.