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Easy Management

Saves you time and effort in managing bookings independently, allowing you to focus on memorable guest experience.

Marketing and Promotion

Significantly increase the exposure of your cottage to potential guests and drive more bookings to your property.

Trust and Credibility

Being listed on our website can help build trust among potential guests, leading to more bookings and repeat business.

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Uphold Your Home

We will assist you in guaranteeing that your cottage remains at your disposal. Day-to-day management of booking and promotion are taken care of promptly and smoothly.

Get It Out There

Market your cottage on our website, reaching a wide and diverse audience and connecting with travellers seeking to create cherished memories in your cottage.

Refresh Your Availability

Easily manage and update your cottage's availability status, making it hassle-free for travellers to book their desired dates and plan their perfect getaway.

Financial Gains

Maximize your earning potential with us. We provide valuable tips and resources to help you monetize your property and boost your income.

What Our Team at Hygge Cottages Can do for you ?

Elevate and Upgrade

Every Hygge Cottage has a distinct local flavor, something special about it, and a distinct personality that reflects its surroundings. we understand and blend the two to produce distinctive experiences for both tourists and Cottage owners.

Limited and Scant

On our list, only the very greatest Cottages are included. Every Cottage is hand-selected after being meticulously examined to ensure it meets our high standards. The ones that become Hygge Cottage are stunning, opulent, and immaculate.

Boost and Boast

All Hygge Cottages are as warm and inviting as they are stunning, whether they are classic, comfortable and cozy Cottages in the Himalayas or a distinctive Wood and Stone Cottages surrounded by fruit orchards.

Timeless Reminiscences

You can have privileged access to our network of Hygge Cottages nationwide, allowing you to indulge in luxury travel experiences. Discover our exceptional cottages and create unforgettable memories.


Yes, absolutely! Our platform allows you to list and manage multiple cottages, making it convenient for owners with multiple properties.
Yes, you can create a separate account for each cottage you own. This allows you to manage each property’s availability, rates, and bookings independently.
You can easily update the availability for both cottages through our user-friendly dashboard. Simply log in to your account and make changes to the availability calendar for each property.
Our pricing plans are designed to accommodate multiple cottages under one account, so you can list and manage all your properties without incurring separate fees.
Yes, our system allows you to receive bookings for multiple cottages simultaneously. You can manage bookings for both properties in one place, making it convenient and efficient.
Absolutely! You have the flexibility to set different rates, policies, and rules for each cottage, giving you full control over how you want to manage each property.
Our messaging system and booking management tools make it easy to handle inquiries and bookings for both cottages. You can communicate with guests, manage bookings, and update availability seamlessly through our platform.

We have certain criteria for listing cottages, including the condition, location, and amenities offered. Your cottage should meet our quality standards to ensure a memorable experience for our guests.

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